Raising the next generation of female political leaders.

A documentary by Kiley Lane Parker

Raising Ms. President is a documentary film about raising the next generation of female political leaders. Filmmaker Kiley Lane Parker explores the reasons why women don’t run for office, where political ambition begins and why we should encourage more women to lead. Studies show that when more women are seated at the decision making table, their presence does make a difference, the problem is, women just don’t want to run. By instilling confidence in our young women and encouraging them to lead, Parker makes the case that we will see more women in office and making the decisions that matter most, therefore, changing the face of politics for the betterment of all people and our country. 


For too long women have stood by as men make all of the political decisions. Education, health care, the environment, and national security are all issues that need more women at the decision making table. After all, women make up over 50 percent of the population and workforce, over 50 percent of college graduates and have higher earning power before they reach their 30th birthday. Yet most women do not want to run for office and often say they are under-qualified to run and serve according to Richard Fox and Jennifer Lawless in It Takes A Candidate, Why Women Don't Run For Office. The documentary film, Raising Ms. President, looks at why women don't run for office, where political ambition starts, and provides reasons we as parents, teachers, and voters should support women in leadership roles. 

The United States ranks right in the middle when it comes to the number of women we have in elected office. We are behind nations we have criticized for being anti-women’s rights. Some states have never had a female governor nor sent a woman to the Senate. We have never had a female president, even though Hillary Clinton came close to winning her party’s nomination for the presidency in 2008. The key to getting more qualified women elected is to having more qualified women running and winning.

Raising Ms. President provides reasons why we should elect more women; now it is your turn to ask a woman to lead, to encourage your daughters to envision themselves as leaders, and to teach your boys that women can and should be CEOs, senators and yes even president. Without more women at the decision making table we are missing out on the expertise, experience, and innovation of over half of our population. Including more women will make our country better, guaranteed.

Raising Ms. President is great for any organization, school, or community. Please contact us today with any questions. We have a discussion guide and materials to accompany any screening. 


Parker has been working in documentary film and television for over a decade. A broadcast journalism and political science graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder; she began her career in radio and as a writer for both print and television. In 2005 she moved to Telluride, Colorado where she became the production manager, senior editor/producer, and on-camera host for Plum TV. Now rooted in her home state of Kentucky, Parker heads up her own marketing consulting and creative media firm, ParkerLane, LLC. She continues to write, direct, and produce programs for the television and the web, and to raise her daughter to dream big and to never be afraid to fail. She is available to come and speak and would love to visit with you.