Setting the Stage - Raising Ms. President is finally here!

The journey begins…

Three years ago I asked the question: “Would things be different if more women were in charge of our government?” We were in a recession after all and congress couldn’t seem to get their act together. Being a woman I was a bit bias, as of course I believed things would be different, better even, if more women were in elected office. The only problem was, and is, women just don’t want to run. So before I could answer the question of whether or not things would be better I had to find out why women don’t want to run for office even in the 21st century, a time where equality of opportunity is supposed to be at its pinnacle. I think many of us realize that politically, socially and economically this really isn't the case, but while in some areas discrimination against women leading may still be present, overall, what we found was that it isn’t discrimination that is holding women back, it is perhaps themselves.

I believe that Raising Ms. President is a tool for social change. People are inspired by its messaging and the time is now. After seeing the film young women are running for school office, older women are joining training organizations like Emerge to prepare them to run and fathers are having conversations with their daughters like never before. I hope to make 2014 an amazing year, getting everyone acquainted with Raising Ms. President and the positive messages it sends out. I hope that you will find the same inspiration I have.

xo KLP

Kiley Parker

Raising Ms. President HQ, 716 E Market St, Louisville, KY, 40202, United States

Kiley Lane Parker is a documentary and film director, producer, writer and editor. A journalism and political science graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she began her career as a writer and production coordinator for Warren Miller Entertainment. After moving to Telluride, Colorado she became the production manager and senior producer, editor and on camera host for Plum TV. Now rooted in her home state of Kentucky, she has produced and directed several documentaries for Kentucky Educational Television and the web TV station,, which she co-founded with her husband in 2010.