Norah Osborne: Read about #herPoliticalJourney

Nora Osborne

Nora Osborne

I was three in 2008. During the presidential election I watched the presidential debates and was rooting for Hillary Clinton because I wanted a girl to be president/ But then I started to really like Barack Obama even though he wasn’t a girl, and I began to like watching Barack Obama speak on television. A few years later, when I was in the third grade, student government started to interest me and it was in this year that I was elected to the student council.

My greatest influences in this decision were my mom and Mr. Kooienga, my fourth grade teacher. Mr. Kooiega taught me a lot about government in my social studies club and my mom told me about her work with volunteers to help them talk to senators about cancer. She told me what they do and how. I have learned that I am important and can make decisions that affect others in a positive way. I am proud that I am involved in helping my school.

I plan to run for the student council board in the coming year. I want to ask students about their suggestions for the school and write them down and then share them with the rest of the board. I am hosting a Raising Ms. President viewing party to get other girls interested in politics because one day I hope to run for public office. I believe that I am #BornToLead!


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