Community Screening

INDIVIDUALS & OrgAnizations

Individuals & organizations interested in hosting a Community Screening of Raising Ms. President can purchase a single-use community screening license. 



1 - 100 Attendees

100 - 1000 Attendees

You can choose between a Blu-ray DVD and Standard Definition DVD depending on your viewing capabilities for screening Raising MS. President. In addition you will receive a Promo Code to purchase any merchandise at 20% off.

Our team will also help you promote your event through our calendar and social media sites. You will receive a Digital Tool Kit for marketing and Discussion Guide for your panelists. 

If you are interested in bringing the director, Kiley Lane Parker, to speak, please email to discuss speaking engagement fees and availability. 

Raising Ms. President - Community Screening License
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Raising Ms. President DVDs and Blu-Rays are Region 1.

Running time: 58 minutes