Team Leader Checklist

  • Email Kelsie home address
  • Email Keslie a photo of yourself to be added to our Meet the Team Leaders page.
  • Choose a venue for your screening
  • Email Keslie venue name, address (and link to website if applicable)
  • Follow Raising Ms. President on Twitter
  • Follow and add Raising Ms. President to your Google+ Circle
  • Add Kelsie, Kiley or George as a friend on Facebook
  • Like Raising Ms. President on Facebook
  • Become a host/admin for your Facebook Event Page
  • Customize your Facebook Event Page
  • Invite friends to your event/screening
  • Test the A/V equipment and internet at your venue
  • Print and distribute posters and flyers of your event around town or your school (if applicable)
  • Promote your screening on social media
  • Send press release to local media outlets
  • Send media alert to local media outlets
  • Write and submit your #herPoliticalJourney to Kelsie
  • Join one of the advance Google+Hangouts (see dates)
  • Have fun!

Download a PDF of the Team Leader Checklist here (available soon).

Day of the Girl Partners

Our nationwide screening would not be possible without the incredible support from our Partners. Thank you!