Meet the Team Leaders

We are excited to have an incredible line-up of students, parents, and community members as the Team Leaders for the nationwide Day of the Girl screenings of Raising Ms. President.

These talented and dedicated leaders will be hosting showings of the film in their homes, local libraries, auditoriums, and beyond!  Together, they will work toward not only educating themselves on October 11th, but inspiring others to run for office as well.  We hope that the opportunity to promote screenings will help in honing valuable skills like project management, producing and sending press releases, and facilitating meaningful conversations. 

Team Leaders are encouraged to connect with each other, share stories of success, and continue to build a network of supportive young women ready to run for political office.  We wish you well on your journey to empower future generations to lead!

Day of the Girl Partners

Our nationwide screening would not be possible without the incredible support from our Partners. Thank you!