Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is Raising Ms. President? 56 minutes

2. Can I screen the film for my organization if I just buy the $10 DVD? No, please purchase a Community License.

3. Can I promote the film on social media? Yes, please do and we will help you promote your screening. 

4. Can I see the film without having to buy it? Yes, American Public Television is our distributor and your PBS station may be airing it. Check HERE

5. I'm a teacher, can I use this film in my classroom? Yes, the DVD is broken into sections, which makes it perfect for teaching. 

6. I'm a troop leader, what license should I buy? For groups of 20 or less you can purchase the DVD, you don't need a community license. 

7. What age is appropriate for this film? Upper elementary school to 65. 

8. Is the director willing to come speak at my school or organization? Yes, please contact us