Frequently Asked Questions for Partners

1. What does it mean to be an RMP Partner? As a partner you will be promoted throughout our website and along with all of our materials for Day of the Girl. In turn, we will work with you to reach out to your members in order to screen Raising Ms. President throughout your organization.

2. Is there a fee? No. You can participate in Day of the Girl with Raising Ms. President for FREE by streaming the film, although you MUST have high speed internet access. If you would like to screen the film using a DVD you can purchase the DVD at a discount ($15.00 + shipping and handling) for Day of the Girl, which will be yours to own.

3. Since I'll own the DVD, can I screen it other places? No. Once Day of the Girl is over your personal DVD is for home use only.

4. Can I charge for my event on Day of the Girl? No. This event is FREE and open to the public for all of those who want to participate.

 5. How many screenings do we have to have in order to become a Partner? You can have one or several, it's up to your organization.

6. Are we required to have a certain number of participants for each screening? No. You can have as few or as many people at your screening as you would like. However, you must identify at least RMP Team Leader for every screening who will be in direct contact with our team.

7. Do we have to participate in the LIVE Google+ Hangout? No. If you do not have a high speed internet connection or do not want to participate you don't have to and can watch it online after the event.

8. What equipment do we need to have? If you are purchasing a DVD you need a standard play DVD player or a computer with a screen to show the film. If you wish to stream the film you need high speed internet access and a computer.

9. How long is the film? 60 Minutes.

10. How long is the Google+ Hangout? 45 minutes.

11. What time does the event start? 3pm EST.

12. What if my organization cannot participate in Day of the Girl, but would like to screen Raising Ms. President another time? You can screen Raising Ms. President anytime during the year. Click HERE to host a screening.

For additional questions please Contact Us!